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Laser Scanning

High definition survey datasets for 3D visualisations and complex design
Laser Scanning Bridge

Laser Scanning Surveys

Increasingly the use of laser scanning technology has become more popular with our clients in the surveying of land, buildings and structures. Laser Scanning allows us to collect large amounts of very detailed data in often difficult to access areas to produce precise building, structural or terrain models.

Laser scanning is particular useful went measuring complex shapes such as buildings and infrastructure or calculating the volumes of stockpiles & voids.

Aerial Laser Scanning Surveys

Laser Scanning Surveys do not just happen on the ground, our SUA/Drone Survey team have undertaken drone-based Laser Scanning Surveys on over 220 hectares of upland and moor to identify archaeological features. The benefits of the system allowed the client to specify high definition data in large inaccessible areas without the need for a full survey team to occupy each point of interest. Minimising the health and safety risk to the team of remote working while providing large amounts of quality data.

At AP Land Surveys all of our Laser Scanning Survey data is supplied in standard point cloud data formats along with freeware viewing software.


AP Land Surveys have successfully deployed the technology since its inception in 2009. Using the data collection technique in the following scenarios;

Underground culvert & mine mapping

Calculation of spoil heaps and voids

Measured building surveys

Mapping of complex coastal cliffs for civil engineering design

3D Measurement of complex structures for detailed design

Structural Deformation Monitoring
Archaeological Surveys
Heritage surveys

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