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Monitoring Surveys

Measuring of deformation, subsidence and structural movement over time

Structural Monitoring Service

AP Land Surveys can offer a structural monitoring service to the engineering community. Our survey team has undertaken various structural monitoring schemes in recent years to establish the degree, direction and significance of structural movements in quay walls, embankment dams, retaining walls, flood defence structures and buildings.

Experience Based Strategy Advice

A firm understanding of structural movements, measurement strategies and error sources is essential when embarking on such surveys. At AP Land Surveys we are happy to offer help and advice to any potential client when considering a monitoring scheme to ensure the most technically sound and cost-effective strategy is employed.

Data & Applications

Typical applications of our monitoring surveys include;

Quantitative assessment of structural degradation
Assessment of potential subsidence over time
Measurement of the influence of a project on its surroundings
Understanding dynamic processes such as sand movements on a beach or siltation in a river
Structural deflections when forces applied
Overall movement trends over time


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